Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tea Fire

What a hectic few days. I have never been so close to a wildfire and was actually concerned for our welfare. This fire, which the authorities believe to be arson, robbed the homes of 220 families as well as destroying a portion if the Westmont College Campus. One family, our close friends, we only able to grab their children (3 year old boy and 11 day old boy) and a few clothes as they ran out of their beautiful home.

We are all thankful that the fire has not taken any lives directly.

Most of all I am amazed by the FIREFIGHTERS. I know that they are the reason that we are all safe and that the fire did not spread more. They worked tirelessly for our safety.

For some pictures of the devastation here is the link: http://www.independent.com/photos/galleries/2008/nov/17/tea-fire-aftermath/

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ThatBeeGirl said...

i'm thankful you all are okay! and you and neal are such great people to open your home like you have to friends.