Tuesday, October 7, 2008


For those of you interested, this past weekend marked the 27th running of the Portland Marathon. A beautiful footrace through downtown, up to the St. John's bridge, through quaint neighborhoods and back again.
Portland was all I had expected it to be, complete with the brisk fall weather and RAIN! After obsessively checking the weather forecasts for the week previous and seeing a mere 30% chance of rain on race day, I thought that I would have a dry run.
Not only did it rain, but it rained and was windy and COLD (I think around a high of 40).

Really, in running a maraton, and all of you think that I am crazy for saying this, the hardest part is the last 6 miles.

Here's the proof:
bib# 2613

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ThatBeeGirl said...

oh, wow! way to go on the marathon!